Text Box: Disability Awareness Training -   for professionals

Disability Awareness Workshops — 	for students and young people

Consultation, Participation and Advocacy  - enabling, empowering and inclusive

Expressive Art Workshops —  for people of all ages and abilities

Paralympic Experience—  tutorials/assemblies around positive disabled role models 

Text Box: Outside the Box is a range of workshops and  services offered by Kristina Veasey a former paralympic athlete and social policy
graduate with over 10 years  experience of  working with
 people of all ages and abilities. More specifically her 
background has been in group facilitation, training,  
advocacy, consultation and participation and in direct 
work with young people with profound and multiple 
impairments and learning disabilities.  Kristina is based in 
Seaford,  East Sussex but works nationwide.



Outside the Box

01323 893102

Text Box: Kristina is also co-founder of Seaford Family Focus Group a community group whose focus is bringing the wider family of Seaford closer together. 
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Whether you are a private business, a voluntary or statutory organisation it will be important for you to meet the diverse needs of your customers and service-users. By ensuring your staff and colleagues are given the opportunity to widen their knowledge base,  and better understand the issues surrounding the lives of disabled people you will create a stronger team that will be able to think ‘outside the box’  and develop creative and strategic approaches to making your services more accessible for everyone. By recognising and doing away with unfriendly barriers, by adopting ‘good practice’  and positive solutions you can provide a more open and user-friendly service.  This is not only important for your customers and service-users, but also for your colleagues and employees.  We all have differing abilities and needs and those differences can be respected and supported, creating a more inclusive environment for us all, reducing absence through sickness and promoting a pro-active and positive approach to team management. 

Text Box: Workshops and services are listed below and are available for commission. Please click on the link for more information.

The Disability Discrimination Act and SENDA as well as duties under Equality Schemes, Healthy Living and Aiming High require us all to be pro-active about  ensuring equality in our organisations, businesses and educational establishments.  Improving access is not just  about wheelchair access and getting around in the built environment, it is also about how we deliver our services to meet the needs of disabled people so they are not disadvantaged, and this in turn involves engaging disabled people in inclusive ways and  encouraging them to have a voice in the shaping of our organisations and work practices. 

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It is important too to pass on tolerance and understanding, to our children and young people—widening their vision  and knowledge and averting possible prejudice and discrimination (which can develop through a fear or ignorance of things we don’t understand).  Allowing them to ask questions and explore ideas and feelings in a safe learning environment and providing them with positive disabled role models will encourage them to break down existing barriers and forge a new path to an inclusive and accessible future.

Text Box: Schools, Children and Young People
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